The Secret Clan: Abducted Heiress by Amanda Scott
Warner Books - November 2001
ISBN: 0446610267 - Paperback
Historical Romance

Reviewed by Suzie Housley,
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At the tender age of five, Molly Gordon, along with her younger sister, is taken from her mother by her uncle. His motive, after the untimely death of her father, is to have ultimate control over Molly's inheritance. In seeking a link to her daughters, her mother brands them so that she will be capable of recognizing them later on as they mature into adults.

Twelve years later, Sir Finlay Mackenzie, also known as 'Wild Fin', arrives at the Isle of Skye with orders from the King to take over guardianship of nineteen year old Molly Gordon, the Maid of Dunsithe. He must decide whether to wed her himself or find another worthy suitor. As a means of revenge against Molly's original intended, Donald of Sleat, he makes the final decision to wed her himself. As the pair comes together, sparks immediately fly. However, Molly's spirited nature is something he did not anticipate. Will 'Wild Fin' have the strength to break Molly? Or will it take some Scottish magic from the wee people to ignite their passion?

Amanda Scott has created an enchanting novel in "The Secret Clan: Abducted Heiress". Not only will you find a richly descriptive, historical romance, but you will also be entertained with paranormal elements. If either type of romance is your cup of tea, I highly recommend that you pick this one up post-haste.

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