NovelBooks, Inc. - April 8, 2001
ISBN: E-book: 159105009X; Print: 1591050340
Historical Romance

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde,

Rory MacGregor is a lady with a secret: by day she is the clan chief of the outlawed Clan Gregor and by night she is the notorious Thistle, robbing the rich to give to the poor.  What she doesnít know is that her father made arrangements for her to marry a member of the clan who killed her mother and Duncan Cameron is that man.  At first she likes him but when she finds out who he is and about how her fate is entwined with his she refuses to sleep with him.  Soon however the pair has more to worry about for Bonnie Prince Charlie has landed and they find themselves embroiled in the ill-fated Stuart uprising that culminates at Culloden. 

I settled down to read this novel expecting a romance but I got a lot more than just that!  This is a full-blooded historical novel that concentrates on Duncanís adventures as much as it does on those of the psychic and capable Rory.  The story starts and ends with them but in between the reader is entertained royally by not only Bonnie Prince Charlie but the whole panoply of the doomed í45.  There are battles, thrilling escapes and treachery for the lovers and their friends and families to weather as well as the more tender moments although if you want a very erotic book this isnít it.  More succinctly told than Diane Gabaldon with (in my opinion) more sympathetic and believable characters fans of Nigel Tranter will enjoy this one along with anybody who likes a Highland romance.  Highly recommended!

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