SEASONS OF ROMANCE ANTHOLOGY...a journey through the holidays...
By Sher Hames Torres, Pamela Johnson, Ruth D. Kerce, Elaine Hopper, and Su Kopil
Awe Struck Ebooks - November 2001
ISBN: 1587490978 - eBook
Romance - Anthology

Reviewed by Suzie Housley, MyShelf.Com

SEASONS OF ROMANCE is a delightful celebration of the coming holiday season. I found that each richly descriptive story tugged at my heartstrings, as each was masterfully played out.

In Pamela Johnson's FALL MAGIC, Sabrina Du Chein's first encounter with police officer Reese Hunter literally knocks him off his feet. When next they meet at a local charity action, will Sabrina succumb and make a bid to win a date with Reese?

In Sher Hames Torres' THE MASQUERADE, experience the heartbreak Paige Wilkins suffers as she struggles to overcome the desertion of her fiancée. Could a mysterious masked man be just what her lonely heart needs?

Elaine Hopper's GAMBLE OF LOVE is brimming with intense emotions as Jennifer
Marie Profitt is in the process of recovering from the death of her mother. To answer her mother's last wish, she sets out to deliver a letter to her aunt.

While she is on her way to see her aunt, she is involved in a car crash and is somehow transported back to the year 1881. After being rescued by handsome Zachariah 'Black Jack' Ray', she decides to find out why she has been taken on this mysterious trip back in time.

Ruth D. Kerce's NAUGHTY OR NICE is a story of taking chances and saying "what if.."? Will the holiday magic be enough to bring together Kayla and Kirk, two long lost friends? Or will revealing their feelings to each other drive them apart?

Su Kopil's A HOME OF THE HOLIDAY'S allows the reader to enjoy an old-fashioned heart-felt Christmas setting. Celia Stanton takes young orphan Johnny to visit a father he never knew existed. Will she be able to let Johnny go so that he can have a happy life with his father, Nathan Clemens? Or might she be brought closer to what she has always wanted - a family?

Treat yourself to some holiday cheer and experience this wonderful anthology. Because it combines all of the elements that make the holidays so special, this one is a must-read in preparation for the holiday season ahead.

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