Shades Of Jade by Gloria Mallette
Striver's Row - June 2001
ISBN: 0-375-75743-0 - Paperback
Romantic Suspense
for strong content

Reviewed by Alvin Romer,
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If ever there was a success story, one may find it in Gloria Mallette's attempt to write a good story. Joining a growing list of successful authors who've published their own work, Gloria Mallette brings us Shades Of Jade. It is a tale involving the lead character's predilection for married men and her prowess at playing the game. The plot for mayhem and mischief takes a turn for total turmoil when Marrisa is constantly threatened with phone calls to cease and desist. "Stay away from my man, or I will kill you!" shouldn't be taken lightly, but a series of unflattering incidents hastens Marrisa's dependence on Levi for help to track down her antagonist.

This is a moving and interesting storyline in which the author uses subterfuge and sublimity, the former in Marrisa's need for deception and the latter for the exalted state in which she places the selfish option to date only married men. Mallette keeps the story progressive and avoids the usual pitfalls of predictability. The subject alone should keep interested adult readers tuned in!

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