Shadowed Paradise by Blair Bancroft
Starlight Writer Publications - October 2001
ISBN: 1586972324
Suspenseful Romance Novel

Reviewed by Renee Wampler,
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It was like the pages straight out of a fairy tale, Claire Langdon's knight had rescued her and her son from certain death. Moving in with her grandmother to work in the real-estate business, Claire tries to escape a past that has left her emotionally, financially, and socially drained. She raises her son to the best of her ability and tries to always put his needs first. In reading this book, I admired Claire. She never allowed her past circumstances to interfere with her ability to be a good mother to her son.

Brad is the town heartthrob that leaves Claire breathless and yearning for more. Meanwhile, there is a killer lurking in the shadows targeting real estate agents. In the killer's mind, he finds these ladies more refined. This book is full of mystery, suspense, and romance. I read it on the edge of seat while keeping my fingers crossed for Claire's life and love life. Claire battles with putting her past behind her and getting on with her future - possibly with Brad. Brad is a self-assured person that knows that Claire just needs him in her life. Can Claire let the past go to establish a future with Brad while a killer stalks the area for victims?

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