SILVER RAIN by Barbara Sheridan
Magical Loves Series
Jove – May 2000
ISBN: 051512804 - Paperback
Paranormal / Magic

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks,
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The talented, prolific Barbara Sheridan pens another enchanting tale that surpasses her fans expectations and desires.

It’s 1797, and Alain Devereaux stands at a New Orleans church ready to receive his bride. In horror he watches as she is killed before his eyes. Unable to bear his emotional pain, Brigette’s nursemaid, Odette Bishop, offers Alain a potion to put him in a dreamless sleep until it’s time to meet his soul mate again. The potion comes with a catch that takes affect once he wakes.

It’s 2000, and Danielle Curtis is alone again after her fiancé leaves her. Just like everything else in her life she has lost out on, Danielle blames the slumbering Alain lying in Brigette’s original bed, in the attic. From generation to generation, Odette’s family has protected the quiescent hunk. Since her mother died, Danielle has been the sole survivor and caretaker. Needless to say, the “Sleeping Beau” wakes up on her watch, and now it’s her duty to teach him everything that he has missed out on and it’s not as easy as it seems, as Dani finds herself fighting a struggle of passionate temptation and searching for Brigette. As it turns out, the Brigette look-a-like is a famous actress, named Cate George, and her lover/business partner’s spirit resembles Brigette’s late, evil husband. Dani has her work cut out for her, but as she learns, Odette would never let her face it alone. I was surprised that Alain, being from a time of controlling men, took Dani and her friend’s charge of the situation so calmly. Readers can expect some sizzling romantic scenes in this one. 

Readers who like a little magic in their romances, literally, will love Silver Rain. The characters, the premise, and the atmosphere are entertaining without attempting to be converting. 

It’s a magical time travel tale. 

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