SLEIGHRIDE by C.J. Winters
Hard Shell Word Factory March 2001
ISBN: 158200613X (Ebook)
ISBN: 0759901147  (Paperback)
Paranormal -  Time Travel

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth,
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Lawyers for the same firm, Rey Brodie and Kama Roxbury travel to
The Granite Fork Inn for business purposes.  When Kama suggests they take a magical sleigh ride through the snowy Vermont countryside, Rey agrees.

A freak snow squall hits and Rey and Kama lose their way and end up in front of a quaint tavern in a town called Overbridge.  They find themselves surprised when they enter the tavern; all of the occupants are dressed in colonial era costumes.  Their surprise quickly turns into bewilderment when they realize that they have somehow been sent back to 1811 Vermont.  Not knowing why they have traveled back in time or what they have to do to return to the time period they came from proves to be a puzzle that these lawyers might not be able to solve.

An interesting time travel that combines romance and mystery, SLEIGHRIDE will appeal to fans of this genre.  Lively characters add dimension to the plot, but I felt the ending was rushed. Everything was progressing very smoothly and suddenly the book was over with what felt to me like a forced solution.

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