SLIGHTLY SHADY by Amanda Quick 
Bantam Books - April 2001 
ISBN: 0553801880 - Hardcover 
Historical Romance

Reviwed by JaToya Love, MyShelf.Com
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Amanda Quick has done it again. Slightly Shady combines romance with mystery, something that Ms. Quick does exceptionally well. Lavinia Lake is a very resourceful woman who manages to land on her feet despite the hurdles that constantly pop up in her life. She had been unceremoniously rushed from Italy to England by Tobias March, and forced to leave behind the business she'd spent four months building up from nothing,  Lavinia has to come up with yet another way to support her niece and herself. Becoming a private investigator seems to be the answer to her problems. 

Tobias March, PI, had done what he'd felt necessary. After ascertaining that Lavinia and Emeline were unwitting pawns in a ruthless game played by dangerous criminals he'd extracted them from the situation. And left them to their own devices. How was he to know that he'd run into them again or that Lavinia would have the gall to enter into his field? After renewing their acquaintance over a dead body, the two are thrown together as they try to learn the identities of the killer. A partnership is formed. 

This book is extremely well written, which is no more than one expects from Amanda Quick. The hero is sufficiently appealing and the mystery is well plotted. 
The only drawback to this book was the heroine. Although undoubtedly intelligent she spends the first quarter of the book being unnecessarily hostile towards the hero. Fortunately, she has a gradual change of heart and by the time you're half way through the book she's behaving like a true heroine. 

While Slightly Shady isn't as good as Wicked Widow, it's still a very good read for anyone who enjoys romance, mystery and adventure. A definite must read for all Amanda Quick fans. 

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