Starlight Writer Publications 2001
ISBN:  1586972472 - eBook
 Beacon Street Publications
Contemporary Romance 

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore, 

Within days of each other, Jessie meets two men who will change her life. Two men whom she will love and will love her with all their hearts; but indifferent ways.

She meets Dane Pierce on the set of her first movie. Instantly captivated, he casts her as his next leading lady, on and off stage. Next, she encounters Cory McKendall when she goes to the wrong place for an audition. Though she scarcely notices him, he remembers her and seeks her out later. They develop a caring friendship that holds her together through the ups and downs of her relationship with Dane. Eventually, she comes to recognize that "Mac" is in love with her, and that she truly loves him. Though she still has feelings for Dane, and he for her, it is Mac she marries. The two men do manage to bond into an uneasy "brotherhood", despite a myriad of serious events that challenge and threaten their friendship. It looks like they have sewn up happily ever after until Dane stops by to say good-bye to Jess before taking an extended, dangerous overseas role. As he kisses her farewell, Mac comes home...

This novel left me with a feeling of having read a lighter Gone with the Wind, one with a happy ending. It was fresh and heartwarming without being too sweet, with just the right amount of suspense for this story.
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