STROKE OF LUCK by Lillie Ammann
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ISBN: 1928670164 - eBook
Contemporary Romance 

Reviewed by Suzie Housley, MyShelf.Com 
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Clear as crystal and smooth as silk, Lillie Ammannís STROKE of LUCK is powerfully written. Readers will quickly become absorbed into the gripping, emotionally charged tale of love, honor, and devotion.

Twenty-eight year old, Commercial Interior Designer, Debbie Hunt never anticipated a trip to the Chiropractor would result in finding herself paralyzed, and faced with life in a wheelchair. Coming to terms with her grave condition, she befriends her rehabilitation roommate Molly. With Mollyís up beat personality, and daily visits from her handsome nephew Jake Dover, Debbie soon realizes there may be hope in having a normal life once again. When the opportunity for her to go home presents itself, Molly readily volunteers Jake to serve as her assistant. With such close contact with Jake, Debbie finds herself falling in love with Jakeís kind and giving personality. Will she be able to put the pieces of her heart back together when Jake leaves in three months?

Recently discharged from the Army, Jake Dover spends his time between jobs visiting his favorite Aunt Molly. When his Aunt suggests, he should volunteer to help her roommate he is reluctant to agree. Through this temporary arrangement he is surprised to learn Debbie is not only beautiful, but shows remarkable independent traits. Her strength and determination give him the courage to hope to change this temporary arrangement into a more permanent relationship.

STROKE OF LUCK is an emotionally wrenching and dramatically intense story. Lillie Ammann tackles a very difficult subject with superb insight, and compassion. She masterfully weaves a very satisfying love story, which will stay with you long after the story ends.

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