SUMMER MAGIC by Pamela Morsi/Jean Anne Caldwell/Ann Carberry/Karen Lockwood
Penguin Putnam / Jove– June 2000
ISBN:  0515111163 – Paperback
Historical Romance 

Reviewed by Suzie Housley,
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If you are looking for a book to chase away the winter blues then look into reading Summer Magic.  I found four enjoyable stories by four remarkable authors.  What I found so unique about this anthology is the originality of the four stories.  All stories had one goal in mind that true love shall conquer all.  Usually anthologies tend to only feature three authors, but with Summer Magic you get the added bonus of a fourth well-known author. Each story is a unique work of art.  They take you to settings far removed from one another.  Each story can be read in one sitting, this is an added bonus for anyone pressed for time.  Pamela Morsi, Jeane Anne Caldwell, Ann Carberry, and Karen Lockwood should stand up and take a bow, because they have wrote a master piece which soon will not be forgotten.

Making Hay by Pamela Morsi 
Shy Vassar Muldrew and Lessy Green had become engaged.  They were the most conventional citizens who looked forward to the most ordinary lives.  Little did they know that when a haying crew pulled into their farm a outgoing man named Ripley would change their outlook.  Ripley would open their eyes to what it meant to be truly in love.

A very sweet read. This was the first Pamela Morsi story I have read, I look forward to seeing more of her work.

Summer Dreams by Jeane Anne Cardwell 
A horse race is the deciding actor in three people lives. Who will be the winner, and what will be the outcome for Spirited lass, Dorina Stevens, heartless Lord Julien Humbly, and the elusive scared Richard Michaels, Earl of Gloxbury. With the stakes held so high you know true love is not far behind.

Cardwell presents in this story with so many plots and twists it will get your hooked in the story right up until you finish the last page.  I found myself holding my breath at the final end to see who the winner was in the horse race.

Hog Heaven by Ann Carberry
A pigheaded Loralie Davis refuses to see what her future could hold.  She is perfectly content in raising her pigs. Little does she know handsome Gabe Curran has other plans in store for her.  Somehow I don't think it includes pigs do you?:-)

Don't let the name throw you off, this is a delightful read.  I found myself smiling right upon until the end.

Winter Heather by Karen Lockwood
Returning home to Scotland after being absent in America for the past five years Lord Glenncannon is shocked to learn his thirteen year ward Anne has grown to a desirable eighteen year old woman.  Having secret hopes of returning to Scotland to wed Anne he is heartbroken to learn of her engagement.  Now he must figure a plan to win the heart of his beloved Anne.

With such a rich description of Scotland, Karen Lockwood weaves this enchanting tale of love into the reader’s heart.  Also it made me do further research on the history behind Winter Heather.

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