TAYLOR'S TEMPTATION by Suzanne Brockmann
Intimate Moments No. 1087
Silhouette - 2001
ISBN: 0373271573 - Paperback
A Category Romance -
Explicit love scenes

Reviewed by Sue Bartroff, MyShelf.com
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The thing I like the most about Suzanne Brockman's Alpha Squad series are the passages in the books when the Alpha Squad comes back together and you get glimpses into the lives of Blue, Cat, Lucky, Cowboy and all the other team members that we remember so fondly. It's like a family reunion, a time to catch up, see the new babies and hear how everyone's life is going. There were such glimpses, albeit brief ones, in this book.

There was also a wonderfully handsome shy hero and the girl who had loved him from afar since she was a pre-teen. Unfortunately, she was his swim bud's sister and there was no way he was going to cross that line. Uh uh, no way, no how, no where, no time. Add in children in danger in a war torn country orphanage and the plot begins to sizzle. Sizzle is also something Suzanne
Brockmann does well.

The only real problem is that the book builds towards the moment when the relief society goes after the children, who are now hostages; with the aide of Alpha Squad. Colleen Skelly is going to get those children out and Bobby Taylor is going to let nothing happen to her along the way. However, the whole scene is wrapped up so quickly in the book that you get no real sense of the peril of the mission and the children are neatly and quickly planted in another orphanage as the action moves back stateside to Taylor who has been hospitalized with a wound.

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