TEMPERED DREAMS by Pamela Thibodeaux
Com Star Media
Contemporary Romance - Inspirational 

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore, MyShelf.com 
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Set twenty years after the groundbreaking Tempered Hearts, this Novel tells Scott's story. After enduring the heartache of tragically losing his wife and child, Scott has returned to the states from overseas, ready to begin a new life.  Immediately, he is plunged into a volatile situation, rescuing Katrina from her abusive husband, Jack. Despite his best efforts, she loses the child she carries.

As the weeks pass, Scott and Trina become closer, his love and faith in God gradually healing her heart. However, when her mother is killed by an abusive stepfather, it looks as if all Scott's efforts might be lost.

This novel of hope and healing is excellent. If you have been fortunate enough to read the prior novel, you know that Ms. Thibodeaux does not write too sweet, whitewashed Christians. Her characters are real people who have real desires and struggle with issues that any Christian in real life knows they have, but books often ignore in favor of portraying saints. I eagerly await the next in the series.

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