The Innocent by Amanda Stevens
Intrigue No. 622 - Eden's Children Series
Harlequin - 2001
ISBN: 03732262-5 - Paperback
A Category Romance / Suspense

Reviewed by Jen Oliver,
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This is an extremely compelling story about how a small town is affected by the kidnapping of a 5-year-old girl that happened 10 years ago, and the current kidnapping of two 5-year-old girls. Sergeant Abby Cross has personal reasons to get involved in solving the kidnappings; her niece is the child that was kidnapped and never found 10 years ago. Former FBI profiler Sam Burke has his own personal reasons to come to Eden, Mississippi from Quantico; his niece was the girl that was kidnapped 10 years to the day of the first kidnapping.

As Sam and Abby work together to solve the kidnappings, they slowly begin to fall in love with each other. Knowing that Sam was going to be returning to Quantico, both did not want to give in to the romance and their feelings towards each other. Romance was not the center stage of this novel but it did add to the overall story.

During the time spent solving the kidnappings, there are a bunch of politics between the police and the FBI and the FBI and Sam which did not detract from the overall story. Overall this novel is a quick and enjoyable read, one that can take your mind off your own personal worries.

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