THE MASK by Donna Lee Poff 
Leisure Books
ISBN: 0843944161 - Paperback
Historical Romance - Medieval

Reviewed by Suzie Housley,
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Donna Lee Poff’s THE MASK is a wonderful example of a beautifully constructed Beauty and the Beast tale. From page one the reader will be totally mesmerized by the magically created cast of characters.

Galen Tarrant, Lord of Rosethorn, returns from the Crusades after an eleven-year absence to reclaim his land. Having been captured and savagely tortured by an archenemy, he now hides half of his face behind a mask. On a late night outing he happens upon Anne of Thornberry, the carpenter’s daughter. He is enchanted by this dainty "wood elf" who sits in the forest, with not a care in the world. Her innocence gives him the strength to once again trust in mankind. Her zest for life will shed light on his dark, tortured soul.

Anne of Thornberry, a fresh-faced village girl, is naive to the evils in which the world contains. On a fateful moonlit night she meets with Galen Tarrant, a dark, mysterious stranger. In her eyes she sees Galen as being perfect in every way possible. Her greatest challenge will be to convince Galen he is not the Beast he is convinced he has become. Little does she know danger looms in the shadows. A madman is determined to reek havoc once again, and finish the vengeance he once started.

THE MASK is a much treasured book. Its value is priceless in my library. It is one of those books, which can be read a thousand times over, and each time find something new and exciting. A word of caution - have plenty of Kleenex on hand when you experience it for the first time. Being so close to the characters, you will feel their pain and suffering as it enfolds before your eyes.

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