Til There Was You by Jim and Joyce Lavene
Ennoble Contemporary Romance
Awe-struck eBooks
ISBN: 1587490 - eBook

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com

Robbie Jo's life hasn't been easy. She has two jobs, an ex-husband whose middle name should be moocher, and a disabled son. Luckily she has a kind father willing to pitch in when needed.

Rickey is Robbie's son. He was born deaf, seems awfully mature for his age, and has no trouble communicating or getting around on his own. In reading, I found his reactions to his father's disinterest realistic and sad.

Dr. Smolka has seen too much in his lifetime. He is an honorable man who uses his knowledge and skill to help the disabled. As luck has it he is arriving in the US and Robbie Jo has decided she needs his help. She is so desperate, she is ready to break the law or risk her life to get his attention.

Here are three people willing do more in life then is expected. Each has a special potential about them. As their paths cross, they discover this, but life is busy, love is fickle; and overcoming it can sometimes be the end instead of the beginning. Robbie is hoping one man will reach out to her child even though so many are in need. Dr. Smolka has had so much violence and tragedy in his past he just doesn't know if he is ready to love again.

'Til There Was You is a touching romance about good people in need of love and understanding. I was hoping to see more about Rickey's deafness and more explanation of the surgery, but at the end of the book the authors do point out that they made Rickey's communication easier to understand in order for the story to flow, and it did. I found it to be a smooth, enjoyable read.

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