TIME AFTER TIME by Constance O’Day Flannery
Avon – March 2001
ISBN: 0380808064 – Paperback
Paranormal /  Time Travel

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.com
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What is life without love! 

It’s 2001. Kelly Brennan is a travel agent who lost her husband 13 years ago; she has barely existed since. She is in New Orleans standing up for an old college mate at a wedding. While there, the pain of love lost resurfaces. Kelly leaves the wedding party to seek solitude and finds sanctuary under a massive, old Oak; when she leans back to rest, she falls through the tree into the year 1888, and a little girl named Lizzie, who witnesses it, believes her to be a Yankee fairy who has fallen from the sky, and wants to hold her hostage. If that’s not enough, Kelly notices that the tree is gone! How is she going to get back to 2001!

It’s too cute! Lizzie’s delightful personality had me flipping the pages in a hurried fashion just to see how the little “Huckleberry” character was going to explain it to her father and slave mammy, Clara. It’s a wonderful read with fully developed characters -- each had something special about him or her. The storyline was very romantic and focused on comparing life in the two dimensions.  The historical atmosphere seemed authentic and the dialect by those who spoke southern seemed exact.

Time After Time is a wonderful addition to Ms. O’Day-Flannery’s list of time travels. Once read, the memory of it will find a way into your heart making it unforgettable.

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