TRUE NATURE by Dehanna Bailee
Great Unpublished 
ISBN: 1588981851 - Paperback

Reviewed by Suzie Housley,

Dehanna Bailee’s unique storytelling ability shines through in her debut novel True Nature. Readers will quickly be entranced by the hardships and triumphs experienced throughout this book.

Orphaned at a young age due to a plane crash, Kailen Jame’s life has been no bed of roses. Suffering from incurable seizures, she is determined to seek out a cure to rid her of the mysterious disease that plagues her life. Her research leads her to the dark mysterious city of New Orleans. When she learns of a woman, who lives in a remote county, who may possess the knowledge needed to help solve the mystery of her illness she asks Marc Foteneau to guide her to the unfamiliar territory. Hoping her journey will be successful; she is unprepared for the feelings, which are quickly developing between her and Marc.

Marc Foteneau volunteers his services to be a guide to Kailen James. He is determined to help lead Kailen to the answer, which he hopes will be the cure for her puzzling disease. In Kailen he sees the woman who has the power to make his future complete. Will he be able to cure Kailen and create a future for them?

 True Nature is a beautiful example of two heart-felt characters whose lives are filled with many obstacles and challenges which keeps them from their ultimate destiny. Readers will bask in the glory when these two memorable characters become one. The gripping emotions will have you shedding tears when this one ends.

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