Under Suspicion by Rachel Lee
Warner Books - October 2001
ISBN: 0446609625 - Paperback
Romantic Suspense / Thriller

Reviewed by Suzie Housley, MyShelf.com
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He watched her as she made her way across the crowded room, mesmerized by her flaming red hair. She was the one who would end the deadly curse of the lethal dagger - she would be a worthy sacrifice . . .

Anna Lundgren had worked years to create the stunning "Mysteries of the Maya" exhibit. The main prized attraction was the "Pocal Dagger"; a priceless jade knife that held a curse of death to any who was brave enough to hold it. When she finds a replica of the knife in her desk drawer, she shrugs it off as a prank: little did she know the next day the replica would be replaced with the real exhibit. Overnight she finds herself entwined in a masterminded crime. Determined to prove her innocence, she turns to the only person who believes her - Detective Gil Garcia. Will he be able to unravel the mystery that surrounds the disappearance?

Homicide Detective Gil Garcia responded to what looked to be a normal drug overdose. Further investigation led him to beautiful museum Curator, Anna Lundgren. The evidence of the missing dagger suggests Anna was guilty of the theft. Unfortunately, his instincts told him otherwise. Somehow he had to piece together the puzzling pieces - a missing priceless dagger, a murdered security guard, and a beautiful woman. Will he be able to solve the clues before he has another murder to add to the evidence?

Rachel Lee expertly lets readers see through the eyes of a mastermind criminal. This added bonus enhances the high intensity that radiates through this exciting novel. This type of novel is new to this reviewer, but I could feel the emotions Ms. Lee was trying to capture. This one left goose bumps by the time I came to the dramatic conclusion.

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