VALENTINE KISSES by Donna Bell, Catherine Blair, Lynn Collum
Zebra Feb. 2000
ISBN 0821764640 - Paperback
A Regency Romance  / Anthology

Reviewed by Carisa Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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Valentine Kisses is the perfect book for any hopeless romantic (like myself) to read this Valentine's Day. It's funny, tear jerking, and breath taking all at the same time. These three writers have captured the true meaning of love. 

A Valentine Courtship by Donna Bell
This is a story about two friends, Miranda and Adam. They have been friends for a long time and never thought that anything would come of it...until Adam tell to his best friend that he has decided to annouce a proposal of marriage at his mother's annual Valentine's Masquerade Ball. Miranda, realizing that she was about to lose her best friend, gets herself in a crazy, and almost hurtful, situation. 

This was a cute story that takes place in London, England. I absolutely love how the author has captured the true sense of British humor. The characters are well rounded and wonderfully animated. 

The Valentine Bride by Catherine Blair
This story is set in Dublin, Ireland. Margaret and Austin have been friends for a long time. When it is up to Austin to deliver the sad news about Margaret's fiancee crying off (not going through with the wedding) on the day of the wedding, he decides to take her out to help her get over the pain. Along with Mrs. Ash, Margaret's former tutor now friend, Margaret and Austin go on the most exciting, emotional ride of their lives. 

This is a great story of love triumphing in the times of heartache. I absolutely love the characters and the well-rounded plot. Ms. Blair is a very gifted writer who captured the true sense of friendship with every word she wrote. 

The Ruby Heart by Lynn Collum
This story takes place in early London, England. Lorissa and Justin had known each other since they were children. Lori, who had to grow up with only a housekeeper as a mother figure in a house full of men, wasn't exactly a social butterfly. When she and her younger brother, Dawson, are invited to stay with Lord Justin, his brother Adam, and his family, both Lori and Justin find out what love truly is. 

This has to be my favorite story because the characters are so real. It shows that there was more to women back then than just ribbons and frills. The characters are well built and so life-like that you love some and want to kill others. 

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