THE VILLA by Nora Roberts 
Putnam - March 2001 
ISBN: 03999147128 - Hardcover
Romantic Suspense

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer, MyShelf.Com
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Tereza Giambelli arranges a merger between the family business and the MacMillan winery.  She fears that the Giambelli high standards will not survive her. 

To inherit the business her granddaughter, Sophia, the company's public relations executive, and Tyler MacMillan are to work together for a year. She is to learn the basics of wine making and vine growing. He is to learn the public relations side of the business.  The two must ignore their differences and animosity.   She resents any threat to her superiority.  There is a powerful attraction between the two despite their professional rivalry. 

As they attempt to cope with their problems, attempts are made by those who oppose the merger and its success to sabotage the wineries. 

Roberts deals in depth with the world of vineyards and wines in a most informative and interesting manner.  The plot is well developed. The characters come to life as real people with their strengths and weaknesses. The writing is smooth and readable.  This is an excellent combination of romance, conflict and intrigue. 

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