WHAT YOU WISH FOR by Fern Michaels 
Kensington - 2000 
ISBN 1575665735
Romantic Suspense

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore, MyShelf.Com
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Helen has suffered abuse from her husband Daniel Ward for years, but when he attacks her dog, Lucie, she strikes back and leaves him. Fleeing to the nearest vet's home, she receives help for both of them. Kindly Dr. Davis contacts friends in the Tyger Foundation, a kind of witness protection program for abused women and gets both Helen and Lucy enrolled. Founded by Izzy Tyger, the group has strict rules that must be obeyed, but also trains women for new lives. Two months later, Helen and Lucie are now Nancy and Nine A. She begins a new life and new business far away from the dangerous man who is now seeking her for revenge. His boss is part of Izzy's group and upon learning what kind of man Daniel is, fires him. 
The promise of new love holds hope and danger for Nancy. Her online counselor's (Izzy), sudden disappearance prompts her to reveal who she is to her new love, Sam Tolliver. After doing this, she is should be out of the program, but is given a second chance. It is not her error however, that, leads Daniel to her. Security at Izzy's home is breached, and he learns where his wife is. After Izzy dies and leaves all her wealth to Helen, he is even more determined to find her. Thus begins a race to escape a madman that ends in n ew beginnings. I was thrilled with this book from page one. It combines a sweet novel with suspense very well. Ms. Michaels has written her best yet. 

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