WHEN I SEE YOUR FACE by Laurie Paige
Silhouette, No. 1408
Silhouette - July 2001
ISBN: 0-373-24408-8, Paperback
Category romance

Reviewed by Suzie Housley, MyShelf.com
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Twas' the day before Christmas in the quaint town of Wind River, Wyoming. Shannon Bannock had just completed her shift of directing traffic for a local parade. On her way home she realizes she is low on gas, so she decides to stop at a local convenience store. Inside there was a man holding a gun on a helpless store clerk. Her Police Academy training immediately went into full force . . . then there was a loud noise . . . then darkness.

Rory Daniels was known as Wind Rivers prize catch. He possessed everything a woman could ever desire: good looks, money, and a successful career. Still he remained single - unable to find a woman who could see past his material worth. One ill-fated night he unwittingly stumbled upon a crime scene. A local officer had been critical wounded. Upon closer examination he is stunned to learn the victim is his neighbor, Shannon Bannock. Will he be the 'Angel of Mercy' who can bring her back to the world of the living?

With smooth dialogue, gripping scenes, and emotional challenged characters Laurie Paige has created an arresting novel. Readers who enjoy their plot with tons of tragedy which the end result is triumph will be pleased with this creation.

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