WHITE MIST by Jaclyn Reding 
Signet - November 2000 
ISBN: 0451201574 - Paperback 
Historical Romance - 1800s England

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.com
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White Mist is the conclusion of Jaclyn Reading's White Series. White Knight, White Magic, and White Heather are the first three in the series that travels the misty western isles of Scotland. Jaclyn Reding is known for her historical romances. Her books take the reader to a far and distant land for a time of intrigue and romantic celebration. It's a wonderful opportunity that all romance readers should endeavor to experience. 

In the prologue, we are introduced to Lady Eleanor Wycliffe, heiress of the Westover dukedom. It's September 1820 and things aren't going the way Lady Eleanor had hoped so she decides to leave home. She ends up at the Isle of Trelay in the Scottish Hebrides and takes on the job as governess for Gabriel MacFeagh, Viscount Dunevin. His daughter experienced a tragedy three years ago and hasn't spoken since. Nor has the devil of Dunevin, as he is known, shown any affection or support for the child or her condition. Mystifying reasoning is the cause of all this mayhem in the Dunevin castle, and hopefully the concerns of one wayward, unhappy woman, who instantly feels emotionally attached, can set them all to rights. 

 White Mist is an inspiring read. Sometimes it takes getting away from an everyday routine and existence to really witness life. This is what Eleanor does, and it leads her to a child in need of support and a man most clearly misunderstood... or is he? It also leads her to emotions she has yet to experience or understand, and most likely would not have discovered at home. The characters are well developed, compassionate, and sooo romantic. The historical setting with the Gaelic information is sound and impressive: I enjoyed learning from it. I found it to be a wonderful read and am quite sure fellow historical romance readers will love the fourth title in the White Series. 

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