WYSIWYG by Renee Austin
(What You See Is What You Get)
Awe-Struck eBooks - 2000
ISBN: - eBook
Contemporary Inspirational Romance

Reviewed by Suzie Housley, MyShelf.com
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Serena Gregory spends her nights saving the universe, climbing cyber balconies, and revealing her innermost secrets to her online love, 'ZackAce', AKA Zachary Kane. She uses this online adventure to escape the harsh reality she now faces. Having been involved in a fiery car crash two years prior, she now finds herself confined to a wheelchair and scarred, both emotionally and physically. She realizes that in real life, such a handsome man as Zack would not look twice at a scarred cripple as herself.
Or would he?

With yellow cyber roses, butterscotch dreams, and mesmerizing music, Air Force Fighter Pilot Captain Zachary Kane is enchanted by his online soul mate, 'Songstress', AKA Serena Gregory. As a surprise, he decides to pay Serena a personal visit. Upon meeting Serena, he is puzzled at what game she and her sister is playing. Once her secret is revealed, will their love be strong enough to survive?

In reading this book, I was amazed at the amount of emotion which radiated from each page. With such well-developed characters that complimented each other to the fullest potential, I knew there was no way fate would allow them to be separated. This book has been on my wish list for several months. I'm happy to say it has met and exceeded all my expectations. Not only has it found a place in my heart, but also a place on my keeper's shelf.

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