THE YOU I NEVER KNEW by Susan Wiggs 
Time-Warner - January 2001
ISBN: 0446608726 Paperback (also in eBook format!)
Contemporary Romance 

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth,
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Susan Wigg's first full-length Contemporary romance is a winning blend of poignant memory of past love, overcoming obstacles in the present, and wishing for a sunny future. Sam, Michelle, Gavin and Cody were like family by the end of the book. 

Michelle Turner and her typically rebellious teenage son, Cody, return home to the small Montana town where she grew up. Michelle's father is in the last stages of kidney failure and she is his last hope. She returns home to give her father a kidney and hopes to reform a relationship that ended years before when she was eighteen and announced she was pregnant. Sam McPhee is the only man she ever loved, he broke her heart when he walked away without looking back. She will have to face up to her past and tell Sam the truth about her son. 

A nostalgic look at hopes, dreams and lost loves that warms the heart from beginning to end. I could relate to the memories of past relationships and the "what if" questions that come up when you are reminiscing. Susan Wigg's story made me laugh, cry and left me sighing happily when the story was over, but wishing I could hear more about their lives in the future. 
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