An Accidental Woman
By Barbara Delinsky
Simon & Schuster - July 16, 2002
ISBN: 0743204700 - Hardback
for mature content

Reviewed by Suzie Housley,
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Step into the peaceful valley of Lake Henry. Be blown away by the trials and tribulations that it holds.

Poppy Blake's closest friend, Heather Malone, has been arrested. It is up to Poppy to step in and take charge and to provide the support that Heather's family needs. Although confined to a wheelchair as a result of a snowmobile accident, Poppy refuses to let life's hardships stand in her way. Poppy's strength and courage is the foundation that bonds the family together. How will she feel when she learns that the person who has betrayed her best friend is the same person that she has developed feelings for?

Secrets have a way of unrevealing, just when you least expect it. . .

Writer Griffin Hughes first met Poppy while doing a news story involving her older sister. He immediately was attracted to the fiercely independent determination that Poppy displayed. How will he ever be able to tell her that, by a slip of a tongue, he is responsible for his closet friend incarnation?

From the moment you turn and read the first page in Barbara Delinksy's AN ACCIDENTAL WOMAN, you quickly see that you are experiencing one of the most touching and thought provoking novels in 2002. Always when I select a Barbara Delinsky novel, I immediately know that I am in for a very rewarding experience. By reading this book, there is no way you can not back up and read Heather's prior story. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED . . .

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