By Jaye Roycraft
ImaJinn Books - January 1, 2002
ISBN: 1893896749 - Paperback
Paranormal Romance
for love scenes

Reviewed by: Suzie Housley,
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He had the power to grant her life or death . . .

Alek 'Drago' Dragovich was known as the l'enforcier, the Anti-God for the Undead. His darkened reputation characterized him as an unmerciful ruler that was the epitome of beauty and unlimited strength. His word alone would be the final deciding factor of whether aberration Marya Jaks lived or died. Upon meeting Marya, he immediately senses the threat she poses to him and the brotherhood. Tradition would have him terminate her existence immediately, but a deeper feeling is able to convince him she deserves life. Would he live to regret his decision?

She is an endangerment to his society . . .

Gypsy Marya Jaks's entire life had been put on hold in anticipation of the final day when she would learn if she were to have a future. Having been the daughter of a dhampir, she has the cunning ability to detect vampires. Such a skill as this would allow her to become a very successful vampire hunter. When she wakes from a deep slumber and finds the infamous Drago in her bedroom, she fears the end is certainly near. She is stunned when Drago unexpectedly gives her the gift of life. Upon gazing into his blank soulless eyes, she is drawn in by a sadness that is locked deep inside a bottomless depth. What they offer and suggest is both frightening and tantalizing. She knows before her is a man who will either be the death of her body or the salvation of her soul.

Jaye Roycraft writes with bone chilling hypnotic words that ultimately demand the reader's full attention. I feel with such writing skills as she so effortlessly exhibits, paranormal writers worldwide should be aware of the magnitude of competition they are to soon face. I feel honored and privilege to have been selected to read and review such a memorable novel. I predict the name Jaye Roycraft will one day become an every day household name.

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