A Garden to Keep
By Jamie Langston Turner
August 2001
ISBN: 076422154X
Contemporary Romance

Reviewed by Vickie Adkins, MyShelf.com
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A Garden to Keep is a perfect title for this book. Elizabeth Landis unfortunately finds out what happens when you let the marriage garden go un-weeded. Discovering that her husband has been unfaithful on the same day that she accepts Christ as her Savior begins a slow journey through almost thirty years of this unkempt garden.

Elizabeth learns a lot about herself during this journey, taking a truthful look into her heart. Judgmental feelings she's harbored her entire life regarding Christians are soon softened, and hurtful feelings toward her unfaithful husband are channeled towards building a new, and better relationship.

I love Turner's writing style, so much so, that I dedicated my entire column, BEHIND THE FICTION, The longest conversation I ever had was with a book, to it this month. Reading A Garden to Keep feels like a long conversation with your very best friend. It's storyline is one that all married couples can, and should relate to.

You're likely to recognize some aspect of yourself on every page. I did.

Vickie Adkins is the author of Tattered Pages, The Light Blue Ribbon.

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