Dynasties: The Connellys - Silhouette 1442
By Metsy Hingle
Silhouette - June 2002
ISBN: 0373764421 - Paperback
Romance / Category (Series)
Rating - strong love scenes

Reviewed by: Suzie Housley,
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Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it . . .

Justin Connelly, Vice-President of Marketing for Connelly Corporation, was a member of one of Chicago's prominent families. He had recently been voted as one of the most eligible bachelors in Chicago. He reluctantly gave in to his sister's pleas to participate in a charity auction, where the proceeds would benefit families of slain police officers. He would be auctioned off to the highest bidder; and, his reputation guaranteed that he would generate a high price. As he stepped out onto the stage, immediately surrounded with high bids, he was suddenly fearful about who would 'win' him. He would have liked nothing better than to be back in his office, working late at night along side his attractive and efficient assistant, Kim Lindgren.

Dreams have a way of coming true . . .

Kimberly 'Kim' Lindgren was alone in life, making her living as the highly organized assistant to Justin Connelly. She secretly harbored romantic fantasies that centered around her sexy Supervisor, but she knew that it was ludicrous to dwell on dreams that could never come true. Justin was a part of the high society class that only dated fashionable models and blue bloods. He would never lower his standard to notice a meek assistant such as herself. When his sister invited her to the charity auction, and persuaded her to out bid any offers on her brother, she was shocked at the feelings that arise. Would it be possible to turn her dream into a reality?

Metsy Hingle has an astonishing writing talent that never disappoints. I am constantly amazed at how her books always demand to be read in one sitting. She effortlessly writes with a smooth writing style that sparkles as it is savored. Reading and reviewing her books is always a great pleasure.

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