The Apple Orchard Bed & Breakfast
By Ron & Caryl McAdoo
Five Star-July 2002
Contemporary Romance

Reviewed by: Jen Oliver,
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This book is a wonderful twist to traditional romance novels. This book combines Temptation Island and Survivor. This book introduces Marge Winters, a woman who answers an ad to become a bed and breakfast manager. Little does she know when she agreed to accept the position that eight other women also agreed. The catch is that W. G. Preston, the bed and breakfast owner, wants a new wife and this is his plan to find who he wants.

The McAdoos do a wonderful job with this humorous romance novel. They created several very different characters and gave them all a life of their own, which is sometimes hard to do in a novel. The plot is unique and intriguing. It makes the book fun to read. The book captures the reader from page one and, even though it is somewhat predictable, the reader wants to finish the book to just see if their hunch was correct.

This book is truly a breathtaking new view at romance novels. It is funny and filled with several interesting characters, not just the main ones. All the characters in the book play important roles and not one of them is forgotten.

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