By Hope Tarr
Jove - November 2000
ISBN: 0515129518
Historical Romance - 1812, England
for very sensual love scenes

Reviewed by: Suzie Housley, MyShelf.com
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Chelsea Bellamy finds herself facing a troublesome dilemma when she receives a ransom note informing her that her brother Robert has been kidnapped. She knows she must do whatever it takes to raise the 500 pounds required to gain his freedom. She asks the assistance of an old family friend. He agrees to provide her the much-needed funds in exchange for a higher price - her virtue. Knowing she will not compromise herself, she searches for another means to raise the money. She asks her trusted servant Jack, who was a Highwayman before becoming her servant, to teach her the tricks of the trade so that she can become a prosperous Highwayman. Her first few hold ups are met with surprisingly little resistance until she unexpectedly robs Viscount Montrose and his fiancée Olivia. She knows by the look in the Viscounts tantalizing eyes he is not so easily duped; he can easily see through her cleverly made up disguise.

Anthony Grenville, Viscount Montrose, has reached a point in his life where he finds himself bored. When a 'one-eyed' Highwayman abruptly robs his carriage, he welcomes the excitement. Upon closer examination, he learns the Highwayman is not the person "he" pretends to portray. Reluctantly, his 'Lady Robin' forces him to part with his valuables and escapes into the darkness of the night. He is determined to located the mysterious robber and uncover her secrets. In her, he sees a spark that will not be easily contained.

In Hope Tarr's debut novel, she has revealed a talent that immediately captures her reader's attention. Every page is filled with speculator dialogue that cries out to be savored and enjoyed. I predict this debut novel is the fuel needed to quickly explode her name into becoming a permanent fixture in the romance world.

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