A Suite Deal
By Kay Layton Sisk
RFIWest, Inc. - February 2002
ISBN: 1586974009 - eBook
Romance / Comedy

Reviewed by Jen Oliver, MyShelf.com
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This is a good laugh-out-loud romantic story about chance meetings between Megan O'Toole, a vice president for a chain of convenience stores, and David White, a vice president of a company going downhill. They first meet standing at the airport ticket counter, both trying to get seats on the same flight and then again while standing in line to go through security - and finally, getting setup in the same hotel suite for a convenience store convention. All David wants is to get rid of this pesky jean-wearing woman and get down to business. Little does he know that Megan is every part of his business and what he wants to accomplish at the convention.

Ms. Sisk does a wonderful job in creating a humorous romantic affair between Megan and David. She does a great job in developing these characters and her non-main characters (Megan's mother and David's brothers). The romance between Megan and David is intense and the intensity creates more humor in this book. The story line is quick and the reader is not lost as to who, what, where, when, why, and how.

This is a refreshing look at romance. It is done with humor and easiness. This is an overall very enjoyable romantic read.

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