Men of Station Six, American Romance, No. 886
By Charlotte Maclay
Harlequin - August 2001
ISBN: 037316886 - Paperback
Romance / Series
Rating - strong love scenes

Reviewed by: Suzie Housley,
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Playing with fire could get you burned . . .

Kimberly Lyndell thought she had the world at her fingertips when she managed to land a position as television newscaster. To land such a prestigious job almost guaranteed that her career was headed in the upward direction. Unfortunately, all her dreams were cruelly snatched away when an unexpected earthquake struck her new studio. Because it hit at such a rapid pace, she was unable to escape an enormous studio light that came crashing down where she sat. As she lay pinned among the debris and wreckage, an Angel of Mercy appeared in the form of Firefighter Jay Tolliver. Would he have the strength to free her from certain death?

Second chances only come once in a lifetime . . .

Jay Tolliver never contemplated on finding his secret high school crush lying as a helpless victim from the devastation that was left of an earthquake. He recognized immediately she was injured far more seriously than she realized, but to him she never looked more stunning. After all these years, the spark she ignited in him is still present. Since both of them come from different parts of the track, he knew that to consider such a relationship was foolish. As he freed her from the wreckage and sent her off in an ambulance, he silently said goodbye to something that could never be possible. Days later he once again found himself in another dangerous situation. This one involved a fire at a highly flammable chemical company. In offering his helmet to the person he was rescuing, he found himself unprotected when an explosion propelled him into a world of darkness. The doctors predicted his blindness will only be temporarily, but he feared the worst. When he heard a knock at his door, he was stunned to hear the deep sexy voice of Kimberly Lyndell. He was shocked to hear her confession that she was there to save him.

Charlotte Maclay, you have used all the elements that I crave in a heart felt romance. Exceptional is such a small world to use to describe BOLD AND BRAVE -HEARTED. More than once I found myself reaching out and grabbing a Kleenex. Writers such as you are why I proudly declare myself a true romance reader!

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