By Candice Hern
Avon/Harper Collins - January 2002
ISBN: 0-380-80901-X - Paperback
Category: Historical Romance
Setting: Cornwall, 1818

Reviewed by: Suzie Housley,
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Her future lay in the hands of the final bid . . .

Verity Osborne stood motionless as her ears ring with the bids that will have such a major impact on her future. She knows once the crowd gets quiet, her fate will then be sold away. Her husband, who carelessly wanted to get rid of her, did the unheard of deed of placing his own wife on the auction block to be bartered away as some senseless piece of livestock. As the final bid was announced she courageously managed to raise her head high enough to see her new owner. Before her was a dark and brooding man known as 'Lord Heartless' - he was now her keeper.

His sense commanded him to put an end to the madness he was witnessing . . .

Lord James Harkness was nicknamed 'Lord Heartless'. It was rumored he was responsible for the death of his wife and young son. He is repulsed at what he sees when he stumbles upon a crowd that is bidding on a young frightened woman that has been carelessly turned over to the hands of the auction block. Wanting the sale to end, he calls out an unheard of price that no one dares to top. Honor and nobility compelled him to outbid the townsfolk for the proud, beautiful lady - or was it a deeper feeling that was akin to desire?

THE BRIDE SALE was a much-anticipated read. Upon first reading its book description, I knew I had to add it to the growing mounds that consist of my to-be-read pile. Finally getting caught up on all my book reviews, it was the first book I selected out of my to be read pile. I am happy to report that it far exceeded my expectations. Candice Hern has made a strong mark with this debut novel. Her smooth tone and impaling dialogue quickly convinced me to feel the heartbreak that was suffered by both of her characters. A book such as this is always a treasure to discover!

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