The Charm Stone
By Donna Kauffman
Bantam Books - July 30, 2002
ISBN: 055358457X - Paperback
Paranormal / Contemporary Romance
E for explicit love scenes

Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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What would you do if you found an old necklace on the beach and a tall, dark Scotsman walked up to you and said, "What I know is that you bear my stone. Which means ye are mine now." Swoon and give over? Not Josie Griffin. Swooning just isn't in her vocabulary. Not even for a 300-year-old, extremely handsome, very male-like Scot who swears she is the destiny meant to restore his clan and his life.

Josie is a surfer. She finds Connal MacNair's stone in a small treasure chest while surfing. After Josie tries the necklace on, Bagan, a dwarf, appears and warns her of her fate. Months later as Josie stands - against her will -- on a beach in Scotland facing the castle and black tower Bagan told her about, Josie meet ups with the spectra of MacNair. He also warns of her of her fate, but Josie's still not a believer. And she doesn't believe MacNair's tale about selling his soul, either. But she is physically attracted to him, so will she help this irresistible Scot out to satisfy her own needs? Ahhh, therein lays the story - and what a story it is.

Donna Kauffman's talent knows no bounds. With each book written, Kauffman's delivered her distinctive writing style and wonderful imagination. No matter how far-fetched the tales may seem, they are presented in such an entertaining way that one can't help but enjoy them. "The Charm Stone" is just that - pure entertainment meant for the romantic at heart. If that's you, I recommend suspending reality for one afternoon to take a trip across the seas, to an inviting, unforgettable place - the same place Josie and her father found hard to resist.

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