By Cynthianna Appel
Wings ePress & American House - March 2002
ISBN: 158851918X (American House)
ISBN: 1590880374 (Wings ePress) - Paperback/eBook
Contemporary Romance

Reviewed by: Suzie Housley,
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Ronnie Hawthorne lost her husband in a tragic plane crash. Trying to recover, she takes her daughter Nat to the country to try and rebuild her shattered life. There she opens up a small ceramic shop. Little Nat is always playing the prankster and is guilty of sneaking up on Ronnie and trying to scare her. One day, Ronnie heard whom she thought was Nat, and leaned over and kissed her. She was surprised to learn her assumption was wrong, and that she had just kissed an unexpected Dave Darden, her landlord.

Dave Darden was unprepared by the unexpected kiss of one of his tenants. The electricity that was generated from the kiss both shocked and surprised him. Both of them refused to admit they had feelings for one another and went their separate ways. Then fate steps in and produces a freak accident that reunites the two. Will this be enough to allow them to finally express their true feelings for each other?

Cynthianna Appel has written an exceptional Contemporary Romance. It has all the elements that immediately captured and maintained my full attention. At times I found my nerves on edge, as I wanted to reach out and shake Ronnie and tell her, "This is the man for you, quit wasting time and come to that realization". Luckily, everything turned out the way love is supposed to, and I was rewarded with a happy ending.

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