Daddy in Training (below is Bride in Training)
By Michele R. Bardsley
Double Delights Series Romances
Hard Shell Word Factory - March 2001
ISBN: 0-7599-0337-8 - Paperback

Reviewed by: Renee Wampler, MyShelf.Com
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Rory James, a widowed mother of three kids, goes on a television show to discuss parenting. Much to her surprise, she finds herself discussing this topic with a man who has no children but thinks he has the perfect solution to tame Rory's wild bunch. A $25,000 challenge is issued for Dr. Seth Stone to come to Rory's house to demonstrate his techniques. Rory finds this situation humorous because Dr. Stone is, after all, a veterinarian.

Both Rory and Seth need the money and accept the challenge. Rory has a difficult time raising her kids on her own since her husband's death. Seth has his own tragedic past but finds his comfort in helping animals. These are very real characters. They are sensitive at heart but together are a funny pair. The plot to the story is easy to follow along. I admired Rory's character in the story since she is strong and takes on the hard tasks ahead of her with such grace. The story has a wonderful mix of comedy and romance combined.


Book 2 in Double Delights Series Romance

Bride in Training
By Michele Bardsley

Reviewed by: Renee Wampler, MyShelf.Com
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Susan finds herself in a difficult situation. She is engaged to George but is in love with his nephew Ross. George is a good man and Susan feels like she is doing the right thing by marrying him. It is the smart choice but her heart is telling her a different story. Ross is an intriguing man who captures Susan's interest. The sparks fly between the pair. But what about George?

This is a charming story with certain elements of humor. The characters are realistic. I especially enjoyed the familiar characters from the previous story that are carried over into this story. I was hanging on the edge of my seat while the characters wanted to maintain good standing with each other but couldn't fight their attraction to each other.

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