Dark Legacy
By Christine Janssen
Wings ePress Inc - July 2002
ISBN: 1590889185 - eBook
Romantic Suspense

Reviewed by: Jen Oliver, MyShelf.Com
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This is a compelling story about a woman named Victoria who has to overcome the loss of her son and her husband and deal with her daughter Carla, who has left an abusive lover and moved back home. Victoria works a fuller than full-time job as a computer science teacher and tries to be there for her evasive daughter who would rather not tell her mother anything about why she has left college or what happened with her ex-boyfriend. Victoria uncovers what truly happened to her son and husband and how her daughter's ex is connected. Throughout all of this, she finds love and tries to manage her job, her daughter, and her new lover, Matthew, who has his own hidden past.

Ms. Janssen does a wonderful job in creating a highly suspenseful mystery while keeping the true art of a good romance together. The characters are well developed and keep the reader interested in what is going to happen with each one. The story line is well written and understandable. It flows easily from scene to scene with no confusion. The romance between Matthew and Victoria is a realistic one that is well developed. The relationship between Victoria and her daughter Carla is typical of a strained mother and daughter relationship.

An intriguing story that keeps the reader entertained and wanting more. One of the better developed romantic suspense stories out there.

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