By Gloria Gay
Booklocker Com Inc - 2001
ISBN: 1931391904 - PB
Historical Romance
Regency England

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde,
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Shy Belinda Presleigh has always been thought plain and has worshipped her neighbour Richard Branston, the Earl of Berrington, from afar since she was thirteen. Whilst under the same roof at a house party, her conniving mother discovers this and engineers a meeting between the two - locking them in the wine cellar all night! Next morning the embarrassed Earl is forced to offer for her but how can he love somebody whom society regards as an antidote?

Here are most of the ingredients of classic Regency romance - London, great houses, misunderstandings between the protagonists and a happy ending (of course). If you want humor and intrigue too you will be disappointed but then it is not that sort of story, but as this is from the pen of a relative newcomer, it reads as a promising introduction to more complex and practiced tales. I reviewed her very first novel, First Season, back in January and this novel is somewhat different, showing that this author has plenty to say. Let's hope that this is the beginning for a fine new Regency writer as there is much here to enjoy.

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