By Ella Deon Lackey
AmErica House - November 2000
ISBN: 1588514587 - Paperback
Romance / Inspirational

Reviewed by: Nancy Mehl for
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Marjorie Peyton is a beautiful, slightly spoiled, young woman living in the 1930's. She is madly in love and engaged to be married. Her world is shattered when she finds her fiancée, Nick Stouffer, in the arms of another woman. Marjorie takes off on a cruise to New York, running away from the blow life has handed her. On board the ship, she meets an old friend and agrees to stay at her home after they dock. Caroline Christopher has everything Marjorie doesn't - a devoted husband and most of all, the happiness that she can't seem to find.

In New York, Marjorie is introduced to Caroline's brother-in-law, Jakin Christopher. Jake's deep hazel eyes and good looks draws her in but she is still in love with Nick - and Jake is nursing his own broken heart. Eventually Jake and Marjorie develop a deep and abiding friendship. When Nick comes back to claim Marjorie, Jake takes off, confused by his feelings. Could he feel more for Marjorie than just friendship? He ends up in Africa where the woman he thinks he loves tells him that she wants him back. Now, Jake and Marjorie have everything they want - or do they? As they look behind the masks of love, they find that what lies beneath can be something different than what they thought they saw in the light of day. Sometimes there can be something dark and even sinister lurking behind the disguises we wear.

FOR FRIENDSHIP'S SAKE is a book that looks into the heart - and holds truth, love, and faith up to the ultimate test. Deon Lackey is an author of the highest caliber - one destined to write - as we are destined to read. Her delivery is flawless and her talent incredible. This twenty-one-year-old writer is on the brink of a career than should last her as long as she wants to share her talent with the rest of us.

I give FOR FRIENDSHIP'S SAKE my very highest recommendation - as well as its talented author.

Nancy Mehl is the author of Graven Images and Sinner's Song.

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