By Evelyn Rogers
Leisure - December 2002
ISBN: 08439-5115-X - Paperback
Romance / Historical / Gothic
Isle of Wight, Late 1800s
Explicit Content

Reviewed by Suzie Housley,
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Fate has a way of bringing two lost souls together to be joined as one . . .

Makenna Lindsey flees London to find a place where she can rebuild her shattered life and mend a heart that has been cruelly broken. Her travels lead her to the mysterious Isle of Wight. There, she finds comfort in nightly strolls along a windy stretch of beach known as Carnal Cove. Its hypnotic voice seems to call out to her, warning her of some unknown evil force. During one of these moonlight expeditions, she meets up with Captain Nicholas Saintjohn, the owner of a massive home that dominates the cliff tops overlooking the cove. Nicholas makes no secret that her presence is not welcome and he tries to discourage her from making future visits. Makenna sees intensity burned into the depths of Nicholas' eyes and the torment that he tries so hard to hide is evident by his actions. She is convinced that she will be the one able to unleash the pain that plagues him. But by doing so, will she be putting her life in jeopardy?

Things are not always as they seem . .

Captain Nicholas Saintjohn finds himself enchanted by the newcomer, Makenna Lindsey. He is unable to resist her beauty and artistic ability, which she so effortlessly displays. For her own protection, he tries to convince her to leave behind the Isle of Wight and all the hidden secrets it holds. Will he be able to convince her of the dangers that lurk in the shadows?

Through Evelyn Rogers' mesmerizing words, the reader is able to become one with THE GHOST OF CARNAL COVE. Few authors bring a story alive as vibrantly as Evelyn Rogers. All of her stories are masterfully crafted, but her Gothic romances always hold a unique quality that other authors are unable to capture. Her marvelous talent as a writer puts her in a category by herself. To say she has a true gift for storytelling is an understatement.


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