By Evelyn Rogers
Love Spells - May 2002
ISBN: 0505524791 - Paperback
Historical Romance - Gothic - Italy, 1800s
for love scenes

Reviewed by: Suzie Housley,
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Newly widowed Contessa Caterina Donati suddenly finds she has been set free from the loveless marriage she had been trapped in for many years. She seeks to put a final end to her painful past by fleeing from the mysterious circumstances that are evolving around her husband's untimely death. Her travels take her to Belmare; there she is determined to rebuild her cherished ancestral home. What she doesn't anticipate is the ghostly curse that has been placed on the helpless estate. Roberto Vela is the one man who steps forward and proclaims he will do battle with the evil forces. Will she be able to trust a man with a face like a God and a voice like the Devil?

With midnight blue eyes, Roberto Vela's gaze penetrated Caterina 'Kate' Donati. Before him was a stunning young American solely in need of his assistance. By agreeing to come to her aid, will he be placing her life in jeopardy by exposing her to the dark turmoil that surrounds his very existence? Can he take the chance to give love an opportunity to bloom? Or will his haunted past be enough to destroy one so fair and pure?

Once again, Ms. Rogers has pulled out all the heavy ammunition and used it to create a beautiful compelling Gothic Romance. As always, her writing talent stands alone in serving to uphold the romance genre. Few authors can only hope they will be able to mimic the talent of Evelyn Rogers so they too will be able to produce a timeless treasure. Every book I read by this much-loved author only strengthens my belief that she is one of the best in the romance industry. For anyone new to romance, do yourself a favor, and begin by reading one of her legendary books. What you will find is an unsuppressed talent that is sure to go down in history!

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