By Dorice Nelson
Publisher: Novel Books, Inc.
ISBN: 1-931696-98-5
Historical Romance

Reviewed by: Kristie Leigh Maguire for
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The Gunn of Killearnan is a historical romance set in the Highlands of Scotland during the 1600's. It is the story of Gerek and Catriona.

Gerek Gunn, the Beast of Battle, is a mighty brute of a man who distrusted all women but had been pledged in marriage to Catriona since he was twelve. Catriona MacFarr, an Earl's daughter, is a sweet young lass who feared all men especially the Beast of Battle to whom she had been pledged in marriage since her birth.

Dorice Nelson has expertly woven a tale of love, mistrust, and deceit in The Gunn of Killearnan. It is a story that is so fascinating you will not be able to put the book down till you turn the last page and even then you will be wishing for more.

Dorice Nelson is a force to be reckoned with. In my opinion, she is right up there with Catherine Coulter and other famous historical romance authors. I highly recommend this new author who has burst upon the historical romance world of fiction writing.

Kristie Leigh Maguire is the author of Desert Triangle, Emails from the Edge, co-author of No Lady and Her Tramp, contributor to Calliope's Mousepad: Women Writers Online.

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