By Cheryl Wolverton
Steeple Hill - November 2000
ISBN: 0373871244 - Paperback
Inspirational Romance

Reviewed by: Suzie Housley, MyShelf.com
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Schoolteacher Tessa Stranridge needs a means of financial support in order to live in Hill Creek. A friend offers her the solution to her predicament of opening up her home to local accident victim, Drake Slater. Her responsibilities would include attending to his needs and teaching him how to read again. Upon meeting Drake, she is surprised to realize how handsome he is. Before her is a man capable of reeking havoc in her calm, ordinary world.

Drake Slater was gravely injured when he was thrown from his horse and savagely attacked by a raging bull. He relies upon the assistance of Tessa Stranridge in rebuilding his life. Tessa is able to feed his newly-found, spiritual hunger, with knowledge that has been foreign to him for so long. With her calm, tranquil nature, she is the type of medicine he finds himself craving in order to make a successful recovery.

Cheryl Wolverton seems to write with a higher power guiding her pen. Her extensive talent enables the reader to fully appreciate the story as it unfolds. I enjoyed the characters of Tessa and Drake. I found it very memorable that Tessa was able to look past the outward scars that Drake had and concentrate more on healing the inner ones. This book is for anyone that appreciates the treasure that love is capable of providing.

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