By Nora Roberts
Three Sisters Island Trilogy, No. 2
Piatkus - January 2002
ISBN 0749932821 - Paperback
Contemporary Romance

Reviewed by: Rachel A Hyde, MyShelf.com
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This is the second book in Nora Roberts' delightful feel good series set on a magical island just off the coast of Massachusetts. Three witches supposedly created three Sisters Island in 1692 and now their three descendents live on the island and work their own special magic. Nell has married Zack Todd but Zack's sister Ripley still lives in the house and, as usual, is trying to keep her witchly powers at bay and concentrate on her job as deputy sheriff. She isn't looking for love but it finds her - in the shape of MacAllister Booke who is renting Mia's little yellow cottage and is also investigating the island's psychic phenomena with a lot of expensive equipment. But trouble is on the way and the past is about to rear up and confront everybody…
This is another enjoyable slice of romance, supernatural shenanigans set in a cozy island community where everybody knows everybody else and you can pop into the Café Book for a chat and a hot muffin. Personally I preferred the leading characters in the first book and Nora Roberts' adept portrayal of how an ordinary happy woman became a battered wife - this had the right mix of realism spiced with romance. In this tale of the rich, absentminded and nosey MacAllister and prickly Ripley, the witchcraft angle wasn't as obtrusive and out of place as in the more serious Dance Upon The Air. The whole thing came up soufflé light and an entertaining slice of modern romantic fantasy. It will be interesting how she treats Mia's story in the final book Face The Fire, which is out later this year.

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