Hot Shot
By Charlotte Hughes
Mira-September 2002
Romantic Comedy

Reviewed by Jen Oliver, MyShelf.Com
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After finding romance in the wrong department, Detective Frankie Daniels is forced to leave her busy life in Atlanta and move to the redneck town of Purdyville, South Carolina. Upon landing in Purdyville, Frankie is literally covered in mud and thrown into an arson investigation on the house she was supposed to rent. She also meets her new boss, Matt Webber, after downgrading what a small town she is in and how she is used to the high-speed life in Atlanta. This would not be the first time she had to swallow her pride and be humbled.

Ms. Hughes does a wonderful job in making this book funny and witty. She does a great job in developing Frankie and Matt's characters, along with other sub-characters. She provides the necessary details for the reader to picture what is happening with the characters and the vast difference between Atlanta and Purdyville. She is able to develop and create a romance between Frankie and Matt without having the reader feel it was rushed into. The plot is even-paced, not rushed or slow.

Ms. Hughes acknowledges Janet Evanovich, the best-selling author of the several Stephanie Plum books. Ms. Hughes has a similar writing style as Evanovich, which includes the same somewhat sarcastic humor.

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