By Jaye Roycraft
ImaJinn Books - January 2002
ISBN: 1893896838-- Paperback
Paranormal Romance
Explicit scenes

Reviewed by Suzie Housley,
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Appearances can be deceiving . . .

Revelin Scott is the Directress Nikolena's favorite newly elected enforcer. He takes every assignment given to him as tribute to ensure the sacred brotherhood is kept functioning and intact. His latest assignment involves going undercover in Baton Rouge under the assumed name of Sean Ardwolf. His mission involves investigating a small army of "aberrations" that are a major threat to the society. However, he is wary when he learns he is not able to work alone but must team up with Denice Geron. Denice has insider knowledge that she learned from her brother who was a member of the secret society. She is determined to help bring her brother's killer to justice.

Vengeance can be overpowering . . .

Denice Geron's brother Michel was infected with vampire blood. He belonged to a dark world of aberrations. She believes his death was the senseless act of his resistance to the society. She knows the only way she will be able to help avenge his death is to work with the brotherhood to bring down those who are responsible. By sharing the knowledge that her brother left her before his death with the brotherhood, she stands a better chance of bringing those responsible to their knees. However, Sean Ardwolf is not at all what she expected in a high brotherhood member. She finds it hard to believe this rock star playboy is the answer to her prays. She fears his arrogance will stand in her way of vengeance.

Jaye Roycraft is an amazing woman and author. Her vampire series has kept me craving more future installments ever since I read and reviewed the first one in January 2002. This talented author has the skill that makes her readers want to come back for more. Once you experience any of her novels, you just have to know what is next. Fans of this series will once again be astonished at finding another award winning novel that makes up a very intriguing series. Jaye Roycraft has definitely proven herself as the Enchantress of the paranormal gene.

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