By Julie Miller
Harlequin Intrigue 651
Harlequin - February 2002
ISBN: 0373226519 - Paperback
A Category (Series) Romance / Romantic Suspense

Reviewed by: Suzie Housley,
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In the blink of an eye a whole world changes . . . nothing will ever be the same again.

When Forensic Expert Mac Taylor decides to work late he is unprepared at the illegal activities that he finds taking place at the police crime lab. There he discovers his lab assistant is destroying crucial crime evidence. He is determined to put an end to this means of sabotage, but he is not quick enough to prevent a lighter being lit in the highly flammable area. The explosion plunges him quickly into a world of complete darkness.

Only when you believe things cannot possibly get any worse, the world suddenly shifts and another obstacle arrives in your life to battle.

Nurse Julie Dalton recently resigned from her job and sought the comfort of her family to help heal the pain in her heart. Arriving home, she learns a neighborhood friend is in need of her help and services. Mac Taylor was blinded in a horrific explosion that cost one man his life. Circumstantial evidence suggests he is covering up a crime scene. She knows in her heart Mac could not be guilty of such betrayal, she is determined to help prove his innocence. By doing so, she puts her own life in jeopardy.

Julie Miller has impressed me with her superb writing talent. IN THE BLINK OF THE EYE is the first of her books I had read, but it surely will not be my last. This Romantic Suspense contained all the elements I have learned to demand from this type of novel. The pages seemed to effortlessly fly by as I helped gather the clues to prove the hero's innocence. This is just the type of book to convert any mystery reader into a romance fan.

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