By John Richards
Warner - June 2002
ISBN: 0446611166 - Paperback
Contemporary Romance
Rating - strong love scenes

Reviewed by: Suzie Housley,
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The object of our affection is very well out of our reach . . .

Walter knew that upon first gazing upon the beautiful image of the Goddess Luna he was completely infatuated. Luna and he both worked for the same company, but she is clueless at the intense feelings he holds for her. What unscrupulous antics will it take to convince her to open her heart up to him?

Luna is carefree and not interested in long term commitments. She lives her life going through one adventure after another. She sees Walter has a friend and a confidant. Her restless soul is constantly fighting the growing feelings she has for Walter. She is shocked to discover jealously rocks her world when she finds someone else is trying to win Walter's affection. Is it too late to explore what could have been?

As I was reading INTER-OFFICE MALE, I was reminded of a favorite movie WHAT WOMEN WANT. Although this author gives us a front row seat to peer into the thoughts of a man (somewhere ALL women want to go). Women worldwide will appreciate this humorous, true to life romance. For anyone who has ever developed a crush on a co-worker, this is the book you must read!

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